Using the online Kea Coloring Book

Even little kids can quickly learn everything they need to know to have hours of fun coloring in with the Kea Coloring Book.

What's what...

These are the major parts of the Kea Coloring Book...

Kea Coloring Book layout

Title The title area just shows the name of the Kea Coloring Book.
Cursor The cursor or mouse changes depending on what you are doing.  When you are painting with the paint-brush it looks like a paint brush.  When you are choosing a new tool, or clicking on buttons it goes back to a hand.
Controls The zoom control lets you zoom in and out on the picture.  Very handy for filling in those finer details.
The volume control turns the sound effect volume up and down (or right off).
Buttons There up to 9 buttons (depending on settings)...
* Select a coloring book
* Open / close tool drawer
* Open / close mixer drawer
* Open / close paint drawer
* Undo and Redo
* Save picture
* and Print picture
Tool Drawer The tool drawer contains the paint bucket, eye-dropper, wash tool, and paint brushes.
Coloring-in Page The coloring-in page lets you color in a picture.  Buttons also appear allowing you to select the next or previous page in the current coloring in book.
Mixer Drawer The mixer drawer contains a set of mixing pots where you can mix together paint colors to get exactly the color you want.
Paint Drawer The paint drawer contains lots and lots of paint tubes used to select the color for your paint bucket, paint brush or to suck up into the dropper for color mixing.

For more information on the various parts of the Kea Coloring Book, click on the links in the table above.